Empowering companies and persons

ISDEC was created in January 2011 with the aim of providing organizations with a new global strategic vision in the field of human resources.

Our strategic vision is our differential value, we help our clients to seek solutions based on innovation, creativity and cooperation. We promote transformation to achieve more empowered, more operational organizations with more social values.

All our divisions are interconnected and provide feedback, in this way we can optimize and make the operations of organizations more flexible.

Our team is made up of professionals specialized in different disciplines with extensive professional experience, a high level of training and a high human component.

Mission: help empower organizations and individuals to reach their highest potential.

Vision: to be the best national company in constant innovation within the field of human resources, promoting the growth of organizations and people.

Values: the name of ISDEC is formed by the acronyms of our corporate values.

I: Innovation
S: Seriousness
D: Determination
E: Empathy
C: Cooperation

Our business model is based on continuous improvement through exploration, innovation and transformation, we are passionate about what we do and if our actions inspire others to be more, to do more, to learn more and dream more, then we have achieved our purpose. Rita Carrillo – CEO.