Elva the Eco Dragon.

Elva the Eco Dragon is a third-person game where you control a small dragon from another galaxy called Elva. With her you will have to carry out a series of ecological activities, such as cleaning the soil and seas, collecting products, putting out fires, rescuing animals, and even cleaning space and the Moon. A game that is having success especially in Japan. For Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox and Steam. Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese.

Elva the Eco Dragon

Math Classroom Challenge.

Math Classroom Challenge is a three-dimensional game, where you will have to solve different random mathematical problems totally configurable, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and first-degree equations, with decimals and negatives. Other types of exercises will be added soon. It can be played in first person, or in third person with a flying drone. Recommended by the teacher website Edshelf. For Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox and Steam. Languages: English.

Math Classroom Challenge

Quantum Space Wars.

Quantum Space Wars es un juego ambientado en el espacio, donde se deberán recuperar distintas moléculas con el fin de obtener la victoria. El juego dispone de un área clásica de combate de naves espaciales, y un área de entrenamiento donde el jugador deberá adivinar qué átomo de los cuatro que aparecen es el que se le está preguntando. Este área permite desactivar los enemigos, y dispone de un modo arcade puro y un modo educativo, con distintos tiempos para adaptarlo a cada jugador. Este juego está en desarrollo, y aparecerá primero en Nintendo Switch, luego en iOS, Xbox y Steam. Idiomas: inglés, español, francés, alemán, japonés.